Hollin Farms
Thanksgiving Turkeys

Hollin Farms Turkeys are raised outdoors on pasture where they have access to their native diet of grasses, insects, and forage. We also feed a custom-diet of non GMO grains, our very own scratch and dent pumpkins (a real big hit!), leafy greens and apples from our orchard. These are some happy, healthy birds, and tasty, too!

Now taking orders for mid to late November pick up. We have 100 turkeys this year. Birds range between 12 and 22 pounds as dressed weight.

The price per pound is $4.75. A deposit of $40 is required when booking. The balance will be due at pick up calculated on the dressed weight of your turkey (what you take home). Pick up windows will be in the 2 weekends before Thanksgiving. Locations will be at Food For Others in Fairfax, VA, at Slater Run Vineyards near Middleburg, and here at the farm. Turkeys will be frozen and wrapped.

The turkeys are scheduled to be processed on November 12, but you can still place an order up till the weekend before Thanksgiving. We will then send out an email to you asking for your preferred location and your preferred weight range so that we will know what to bring to a particular pick up location. If for some reason you are unable to meet us at your preferred pick up window, you can always meet us at a later pick up point or here at the farm. Earlier pick ups will be given first choice in terms of weight. As we get closer to Thanksgiving, less choice in size will be available.

You can also donate $60 towards a turkey for Food For Others. Food For Others is our gleaning partner during the picking season. They glean fresh fruits and vegetables here and distribute to needy families and individuals around the greater DC metropolitan area. Donated birds will be picked up by our partners at Food for Others.


Donations towards a turkey $60 Donations towards a turkey for Food for Others